Establishing a practical budget is the first step towards achieving financial security. First, you need to determine what your expenses actually are, and where your money is being spent. Then, our counselors will assist you in setting up your budget. With a suitable budget in place, planning for your future will never be easier.  

Bankruptcy Prevention

This program is designed for people who do not qualify for a DMP.  The program serves as an alternative to bankruptcy, by showing a "Good Faith" effort on the part of the client to repay their debts. Collection activity, and delinquency may continue on accounts. The Good Faith Bankruptcy Prevention Program  is a short term measure used until your budget can sustain a more suitable program.

Credit Report Problems

Establishing and maintaining a positive credit history creates freedom in purchasing for your future. If there are mistakes on your credit reports, ACCS can guide you on how to get the errors corrected, at no cost to you. Beware of "credit repair" scams, which can come at a high cost, yet produce inconsistent results.

Debt Management Program (DMP)

Our Debt Management Program (DMP) is available to consumers who have the ability to make payments to their unsecured creditors after meeting their basic living expenses. Comsumers must have the ability to repay their total unsecured debt within 60 months.
Our counselors work with you to develop a realistic, workable budget that includes your monthly payments to creditors based on each creditor's requirements.  ACCS works with your unsecured creditors to establish monthly payments that are frequently lower than your current minimum payments.
Another benefit of our DMP is that many creditors offer our clients a reduction in the interest rate to enable you to repay your debt more rapidly. Additionally, after you have made three consecutive payments on time through our DMP, most creditors will re-age your account to reflect a current status.

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Debt Mediation

ACCS has professional debt mediators on staff, who can assist you in negotiating settlements to pay off collections accounts with a lump sum payment or by establishing regular monthly payments to clear those debts.

Help Establishing Good Credit

If you find you are having trouble establishing the credit you deserve, give ACCS a call and our Certified Credit Counselors will show you how to start building a positive credit history.

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